Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Yoga: Proven Results

Relieves Anxiety

Many people use yoga to deal with their anxiety. It's helpful for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (Post-traumatic stress disorder). Yoga can help people manage their worries.When you practice yoga, you learn to be fully present in the moment and develop inner peace, both of which help to relieve stress.

Fights Depression

In addition to having an impact similar to an anti-depressant, yoga also aids in the reduction of depression symptoms and manifestations. The stress hormone cortisol is reduced with yoga.

People who are battling alcoholism or substance abuse can benefit from yoga. Take Sudarshan Kriya as an example. It's an advanced Yoga pose for breathing in time to the music.Yoga helps lower ACTH levels (the hormone responsible for the release of cortisol) with or without proper medication, and yoga aids in the fight against depression.

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