Gujarat Titans Beat Rajasthan Royals To Win Title In First Tournament

In the final, on the biggest stage, he took the three prize wickets of Buttler, opposing captain Sanju Samson and Shimron Hetmyer and rotated his bowlers perfectly.

He was well supported by one of the world's best white-ball bowlers, Afghanistan's Rashid Khan, who took 1-18.

And when the batting stuttered at 23-2, he stopped any threat of a complete collapse by calmly negating Royals' bowling attack alongside Gill.

Although his side may not have secured the trophy, England's Buttler finishes as the winner of the Orange Cap, awarded to the highest run-scorer.

He hit four centuries in amassing 863 runs in 17 innings to put him second behind India superstar Virat Kohli's 973 on the list of most runs scored in a single IPL campaign.

While he was unable to replicate the fluency of his match-winning 106 not out that propelled his side into this final, his reputation as one of the world's most destructive T20 batters has grown considerably.

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